1. Aggregation of Time-Series Data under Differential Privacy

 Filipp Valovich
 Ruhr-University Bochum


2. Anonymous Single-Round Server-Aided Verification

 Elena Pagnin and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Keisuke Tanaka
 Chalmers University and Chalmers University and Tokyo Intitute of Technology


3. Concrete Efficiency Improvements for Multiparty Garbling with an Honest Majority

 Aner Ben-Efraim and Eran Omri
 Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Ariel University


4. Curve25519 for the Cortex-M4 and beyond

 Hayato Fujii and Diego F. Aranha
 University of Campinas and University of Campinas


5. Energy-Efficient ARM64 Cluster with Cryptanalytic Applications: 80 cores that do not cost you an ARM and a leg

 Thom Wiggers
 Institute of Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University


6. Environmental Authentication in Malware

 Jeremy Blackthorne and Benjamin Kaiser and Benjamin Fuller and Bϋlent Yener
 University of Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


7. Generation of 8-bit S-Boxes having almost optimal cryptographic properties using smaller 4-bit S-Boxes and finite field multiplication

 Reynier A. De la Cruz Jimenez
 Institute of Cryptography. Havana University


8. Homomorphic Rank Sort Using Surrogate Polynomials

 Gizem S. Cetin and Berk Sunar
 WPI and WPI


9. Implementing the NewHope-Simple Key Exchange on Low-Cost FPGAs

 Tobias Oder and Tim Guneysu
 Ruhr-Universitat Bochum and University of Bremen and DFKI


10. Improved Security Notions for Proxy Re-Encryption to Enforce Access Control

 Ela Berners-Lee
 Royal Holloway University of London


11. Improved XKX-based AEAD Scheme: Removing the Birthday Terms

 Yusuke Naito
 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


12. On the Hardness of the Mersenne Low Hamming Ratio Assumption

 Marc Beunardeau and Aisling Connolly and Remi Geraud and David Naccache
 Ecole normale superieure and Ecole normale superieure and Ecole normale superieure and Ecole normale superieure


13. On Trees, Chains and Fast Transactions in the Blockchain

 Aggelos Kiayias and Georgios Panagiotakos
 University of Edinburgh and University of Edinburgh


14. Optimal 2-3 Chains for Scalar Multiplication

 Nicolas Theriault and Cristobal Leiva
 Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Universidad de Santiago de Chile


15. Secure Channels and Termination: The Last Word on TLS

 Colin Boyd and Britta Hale
 NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim and NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and    Technology, Trondheim


16. The Oblivious Machine - or: How to Put the C into MPC

 Marcel Keller
 University of Bristol


17. Theoretical Security Evaluation against Side-channel Cube Attack with Key Enumeration

 Haruhisa Kosuge and Hidema Tanaka
 National Defense Academy of Japan and National Defense Academy of Japan


18. Threshold Kleptographic Attacks on Discrete Logarithm Based Signatures

 George Teseleanu
 ``Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' University


19. Using Level-1 Homomorphic Encryption To Improve Threshold DSA Signatures For Bitcoin Wallet Security

 Dan Boneh and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder
 Stanford and CUNY and Princeton


20. XHX - A Framework for Optimally Secure Tweakable Block Ciphers from Classical Block Ciphers and Universal Hashing

 Ashwin Jha and Eik List and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Sweta Mishra and Mridul Nandi
 Applied Statistics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata and Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar and NEC Corporation and Indraprashtha Institute of Information Technology Delhi and Applied Statistics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata